I never feel good after sleep and feel fatigued during the daytime. I am exploring whether this is sleep apnea and one of the possible causes I identified was a deviated septum. I have not had a diagnosis (yet) but I noticed:

  • My left nostril is slightly wonky and has a smaller surface area than my right nostril, but not obviously so when you see photos of some people’s deviated septum online.
  • I can breathe through my left nostril but the breath feels a bit less “free” and makes a more unpleasant noise compared with my right nostril which breathes freely and makes no noise.
  • I sometimes get discomfort around my sinus areas.
  • I tried Fluticasone Propionate nasal spray before bed. While it may just be a placebo, I did feel a bit less fatigued the next day.

My worry is that I may be engaging in a sort of confirmation bias and I cannot tell whether I realistically have a deviated septum, which in turn is actively causing sleep apnea. It does seem surprising to me that this alone could cause my serious lack of refreshing sleep and daytime fatigue.

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