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Is Acid Reflux related to waking up early morning with high heart rate? – iDunmed

It took me awhile, but I’m slowly deducing my issue with sleep, particularly waking up around 4-5AM or 1-2hrs earlier than I want. This has happened much more consistantly over the last few years, and I first attributed to going to the bathroom, but now I realize that was wrong.

Since my heart was beating faster when I wake up, I went to see a sleep specialist and was associated with OSA due to lack of oxygen, the heart beating fast, and thus waking me up due to the danger, which was our agreed assumption.

So, I was subsequently put on CPAP, and my events numbers are down to 1 now, which means I’m not having OSA essentially (atlest with the CPAP). But, I’m still waking up at the same time with high heart rate (probably around 100 bpm or so). So, the sleep issue is there while CPAP therapy is successful.

In the morning I have issue with nausea (when brushing teeth) and mucus build up issue where I spit mucus out a lot. I went to an ENT and was told that I have mild acid reflux. The mucus build is due to aggravation of the esophagus by acid reflux.

Now, I feel that I deduced my waking up in the early morning 1-2 hrs before my scheduled wake-up time. I believe it’s the acid reflux causing my heart to beat high and consequently waking me up.

What do you yall think? Is this plausible? My CPAP is telling me my OSA is taken care of, but I’m still waking up with high heart rate, and need to figure out what it is.

Also, is Gastroenterologist the right specialist that can give me good answer? So far, it seems like doctors in various areas could not deduce my issue, and I’m the one figuring out the issue.

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