I am new to learning about sleep apnea so forgive me if I sound redundant or clueless. My Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon referred me for a sleep study because I have a recessed jaw, over bite and canted occlusal plane. He said that I likely have sleep apnea and that if I do, it would ensure that my insurance doesn’t deny my surgery. I just had a sleep study done at a sleep medicine center, it was an overnight stay and they made me stay the next day and take four 30 min naps from 8am to 2pm. The reason they had me stay an extra day is because I apparently don’t have enough sleep apnea in my results. I haven’t looked at the results nor do I know how to read them, but I do know that I barely had any sleep that night so I’m not sure the results were accurate. I now have the option of doing an in home sleep test if I’d like. Which one is more accurate? Any info would help!

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