I was diagnosed last December with mild obstructive sleep apnea. I’m 39 and not particularly overweight but I have a little fat to loose and I’m actively working on that. I haven’t given up cigars/pipe tobacco yet but I could be convinced to go that far if only I actually thought the doctor’s were serious about a cure not simply a treatment.

It frustrates me that CPAP/APAP is the “go to” treatment and that surgery is not more seriously considered. I’m trying to get my doctor to give me a referral right now for just the physical evaluation by a surgeon. His initial response was data shows “the APAP is working.”

He doesn’t get it, I want a cure not a treatment! Why prescribe a wheelchair for a broken leg when there are options that will get you walking again?

What’s worse is that I’m afraid my brain will become accustomed to assisted breathing and I’ll end up becoming increasingly more reliant on the device as I get older.

I know that surgery doesn’t always work but there are lots of surgically options (some new) that each person should be evaluated for.

I know surgery is more often reserved for severe cases ware positive air flow isn’t enough. But one would think that a mild case could be easily delt with.

Yes, cost might be an issue, and maybe insurance would rather foot the bill for the next 40-50 years rather than she’ll out a few grand for a fix now, …. …. but if it comes down to it I’d rather take my chances at a Tijuana clinic than live with a CPAP for the rest of my life.

Does anyone else have aexperience trying to say the right thing to get under the knife?

Is anyone else frustrated that “treatment” is the focus instead of actual curative medicine?

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