Hi All,

I’m using a Dreamwear Full Face Mask (small cushion). The mask is generally comfortable. I’m running into an issue where the bottom of my nose becomes a bit irritated (light scabs at times), but nothing too major.

What’s interesting that is that Oscar indicates that my AHI is quite low (avg less than 1 per night), however the mask leak is quite high:


Given the low AHI, is the mask leak something I should be concerned about? Or should I opt for a new mask?

Also any comparable masks to the Dreamwear Full Face Mask? I may try a nasal mask too. I opted for FFM given my nose is normally congested due to sinus issues + I tend to wake up with drool on my pillow, ha! What’s interesting is that I noticed my sinus issues has improved significantly after CPAP therapy. I believe it’s because I have a dust allergy and the CPAP machine enables me to breath in filtered air.

If I can fix the mask leak issue, I feel like I’ll be golden. Been on CPAP for 2 weeks now and I’m feeling a lot better. Could be placebo (I was diagnosed with hypopnea index of 14), but I’ll take it!

Thanks all <3

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