Sometimes I’ll wake up with my heart pounding, feeling light-headed, and one of my nostrils is completely plugged. It feels like I have been gasping for air, but I feel better if I hold my breath for about 15-20 seconds. My entire body then feels tingly like my body is correcting itself (and getting carbon dioxide back?), and then my nose becomes unplugged. I feel better, but then have trouble sleeping afterwards from my body having been in panic mode.

Is this sleep apnea, or just some panic attack where I’m over breathing? I make sure I’m sleeping with my mouse closed and on my side. My smart watch shows I’m tossing and turning a lot, and the O2 1-3 times a night dips to 88 and low 90s for a few minutes, and is steady about 94-95, but I’m not sure it’s that accurate. Sleep test said pRDI = 7.0/h and pAHI = 1.4/h, so my doctor says I’m fine. Some days I feel stressed and anxious with heart palpitations, but I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not getting enough sleep some nights.

Edit: oops, didn’t mean to put a second question mark in the title

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