Im asking because the last one i ordered they only let me use it for one night and i could only use it for 8 hour period after I initially turn it on and i had to have a minimum 6 hours of data. The problem is i already have enough sleep problems there no way in hell that i can fall asleep with all that crap on me in that situation. The best i could do is try to fall asleep on it multiple times over a 2 day period with several sessions of short spurts of 1-3 hours of sleep.

I already tried an in lab one too and i stayed awake the whole 8 hours. I was hopful that the home sleep would save me but nope it was exactly the same. 8 hour period and mail it back in the morning with a min of 6 hours of actual sleep. I was like i cant get actual 6 hours of sleep on a normal day how the hell am i suppose to get that with stuff attached to me and in only one night? So i failed that one too.

Im bout to give up. I dont have much money left after those 2 studies. This next one i would have to sacrifice quite a bit to afford. Is there a home sleep study test like this that also is accurate and tracks RERAs?

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