I’ve seen a lot of users on various forums talk about throat tightness during the day. Mine stays all day, but only on certain days and seems to go away when I use CPAP and get enough sleep. It is right in the area where you would check your pulse on your check, on both sides. Just a symptom of low blood pressure maybe? My neck muscles will feel tight and shaky when moving my head. Shortness of breath throughout the day on days when I sleep poorly and what I believe to be either POTS/Dysautonomia/autonomic dysfunction. It gets better when I use my CPAP for about 8+ hours for a day or two.

These are days when I sleep poorly and also feel really tired and shaky/jittery in my general daily motions and muscle movements. My blood pressure will either register a little bit low or normal, but resting heart rate may be slightly higher (usually lower to upper 90’s resting). The blood pressure monitor lights up the “irregular heartbeat” icon, which the instructions say means that your heart rate increased or decreased by at least 25% during the time of the test (which takes about 30 seconds or less). Some days I feel dizzy in my head and kind of weird in my stomach.

Previous sleep study in 2018 showed 4.7 AHI, 18 RDI with 50 respiratory events (mostly RERAs) in 2.75 hours. I had like 6 minutes of REM sleep. Had deviated septum and turbinate reduction surgery. I breathe more easily and quicker, but sleep is still poor. Home sleep study showed 5.2 AHI. Sleep doc wouldn’t give CPAP. ENT doc wrote a prescription for me to try one and see if it helped, based on my home sleep study results.

I had a home sleep study in April 2019 with a new sleep doctor due to Covid-19. It showed 13 apneas/hour. He didn’t believe it was accurate. I’m 5’8, 150 pounds. Muscular and in shape. 37 years old. So we did an in-lab sleep study. 64 apneas/hour.

I had my titration study last night (June 9). I used my P10 nasal pillow mask. She said it worked very well. She said she usually starts out at 5cm pressure and increases when they go to sleep. I asked for more because I tend to start out at 7cm and anything below that makes me feel like I’m suffocating. She started at 6cm. She later told me off the record outside while waiting on my ride…that she saw some central apneas. She started me at 6cm and kept increasing it, but it wasn’t working for me on CPAP, so she remotely switched it to BiPap mode and I started responding. So now I’m not sure if I have 64 true apneas/hour plus central sleep apnea or what. She felt like the BiPap worked very well, but noted that it took a while for her to see that the CPAP wasn’t working for me and switch to BiPap. She said I slept very well, but I felt like I woke up all night and kept tossing and turning. So I felt like garbage all day today. I have to wait a week for the results to come back. I mentioned to her that I had been talking to the sleep doctor about a possible BiPap and she said that it is expensive and can be overkill. So I’m not sure at the moment if I do or don’t need BiPap, but it apparently worked during my titration when the CPAP wasn’t helping. This confuses me even more because if I sleep 8+ hours at home for a couple of days with my CPAP, I’ll feel much better and will get through most or all of the day without feeling the dizziness and autonomic dysfunction. So how the heck can CPAP not work in the lab and seem to work for me at home?

Among our other discussions were that the actual measurements of an APAP/CPAP machine are basically garbage. It may say 1.5 AHI and you might be having a lot more issues than it is truly saying and only the PSG would pick them up.

I saw that they had an Alice setup for the sleep monitoring. They had a large BiPap on the table that was obviously remotely controlled for her to adjust. It could do CPAP mode and BiPap. What kind of machine could that have been?

When I had the titration and was on I presume the CPAP, I felt like I was floating above the room. Never had that feeling with CPAP at home.

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