For work, I often have to travel to a lot of foreign countries … and the availability of access to distilled water / quality of local water supply … is always a big variable/question. What I was wondering was, are there any somewhat portable / travel-sized water distillers? I can easily find kitchen countertop devices which will distill water for me … but it would be great if there were some type of gadget I could pack in a bag, dump some water in and let it process and then put better water in my CPAP at night.

I also have a lot of nasal and sinus congestion issues that I need to use distilled water for rinses, definitely don’t want to use local water for shooting up my nose if at all possible.

My current solution is to throw a bunch of 16-oz bottles in my checked luggage – companies like H2Doze and Resway make them for people like us – but it would be easier if there were some sort of small travel distiller available.

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