So for the past 7 months, My parents and also I since I’ve helped with payment have gone through from visiting general doctor and taking blood tests, then visiting a neurologist, covid testing, taking an MRI brain scan, doing an ENT sinus CT scan, taking allergy tests, going to chiropractor, and acupuncture. EVERYTHING IS NORMAL! I’ve also quit working and I was supposed to leave for college but my everyday symptoms have ruined my life. Now the last resort I did when I researched all of my symptoms which varies form nasal congestion, Eustachian problems, body aches (neck and back), HORRIBLE headaches, SEVERE brain fog, fatigue, feeling drunk, vision seems blurry sometimes, stomach pain sometimes idk if it’s acid reflux or GERD, post nasal drip, and feeling deprived…that this can be because of symptoms of a sleep disorder? So I took my home sleep study and it indicates UARS so I am wanting now to visit a sleep doctor and just talk to them about it and then treatment. I don’t want to spend more money on another sleep study or any kind of surgery.

My dad is concerned because he knows I’ve been snoring for YEARS but now all of the sudden I am getting these horrific symptoms which feels like I have some type of cancer in my head?? So can normal loud snoring for years lead to UARS? Because why all of the sudden am I getting these symptoms? Like based on all of the symptoms I’ve been describing above can this be because of UARS? Can someone please explain to me? I have lost hope in everything and I really don’t want to see another doctor and waste money. Really wish my general doctor told me to do a sleep test so I wouldn’t have waisted my time. I am angry and honestly don’t know what to believe if UARS can cause all of these symptoms I am having. The only symptoms I see online of UARS is similar to Sleep Apnea which is daytime fatigue, headaches, mood changes, feeling deprived. It doesn’t mention sinus problems, feeling DRUNK like I literally feel drunk for no reason, Eustachian tube problems, reflux, muscle and joint aches, clogged ears, extreme brain fog, etc. Like has anyone has experienced the same amount of symptoms like the MANY symptoms I’ve been going through???? Like all of this because of UARS? Why the hell do sleep apnea patients not experience many of these symptoms and I thought that UARS is before sleep apnea like if you left UARS untreated?????

End of the story, my parents and I have lost hope because we tried everything and it’s hard to believe that the symptoms I’ve been going through is because of UARS…like I highly doubt that any sleep machines will fix all of my symptoms. I feel like I’m living in hell. My family and I have spent so much money and insurance doesn’t cover a lot of crap from where I am from.

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