Recently diagnosed with moderate OSA and I finally got my CPAP (dream station 2) and I have the felted full face mask. It’s not very cumbersome and it’s relatively comfortable on my face despite it being a full face mask and I’m finding that I’m having issues keeping it on when I sleep, I’ve only had it a few days but I wake up to the mask being on the floor or set on the table. I’m taking it off in my sleep and I don’t know why or how to prevent it. During my sleep study they originally had me on the nasal pillow (I think is what it was called). It resembled a huge nasal cannula and I took that off 5 times during my sleep study and they made me wear a full face mask and I guess I did better with that (according to them) so that’s what they gave me at the DME store. I just want to be able to get the full benefit from my CPAP so any suggestions? Or has anyone else had this issue? Is this something normal that happens that disappears over time as I get used to it? Thank you in advance.

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