Was diagnosed with SA back about 15 years ago. I used a machine for a few years, but then resorted to a laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP), which I thought took care of it. There went my yodelling career. So, recently the wife tells me my snoring is worse and she can hear me stop breathing. I think it’s coming from my nose, broken many times from sports. I also need to hit the gym ;). I was also tossing and turning a lot and making several trips to pee. Blood pressure is okay.. I was a conditioned athlete and I’m an active farmer.

So, I recommissioned the CPAP. THANK GOD! I’m finally sleeping again and hardly move all night and only one trip to pee- if that. I can even sleep on my back which is awesome. My machine is a Respironics Remaster Pro with a humidifier and I’m using an Opus 360 nasal pillow mask. Everything still works A-okay.

My question are: Do I need to go see a sleep doc to recalibrate if it works and I’m sleeping good? (I absolutely, positively, HATE sleep studies, strange beds, and try to avoid doctors at all costs). Any improvements to machines and masks I should check out?

Any other thoughts and suggestions are most appreciated.

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