So the CPAP has helped me enormously but something has bothered me. After 6-8 hours of sleeping while on CPAP I tend to wake up kind of foggy headed and slow…and most predominately my lungs feel like they’ve had a workout all night due to having constant pressure being forced into it. Does anyone know if perhaps this is due to me using TO much pressure?

For reference my starting pressure was 4cmH2O to 12cmH2O. I later adjusted this to 5cmH2O to 15cmH2O on my own without consulting with my VA sleep medical professional. I did this because I saw in OSCAR I was frequently capping out at 12cmH2O and even with 13cmH20 it pegged there. I can’t help but feel something might be off because.. while slight it feels like I may be doing to much… OR this is completely normal and I’m just overthinking it.

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