I don’t even feel a little bit better. I’ve been reading it takes time for it to help but I was hoping I would’ve felt a at least a little bit better by now. My ahi was 23.5 which isn’t even severe so I’m curious as to why I’m not feeling better. Also I had an mri done because my neck has been hurting for months and it turns out I have a disc herniation and a disc bulge in my neck. My chiro seems to think that’s the reason why I’m feeling shitty but I don’t even know what to believe anymore. I’m doing an eeg next week and after that I’ve pretty much check everything out. I’ve been feeling shitty for about 6 months and had a ct scan on my brain ind December which came out negative for everything. Basically my life has been a non stop nightmare for a while now so yeah! I’m always reading about how cpap machines help so many people on this thread which makes me happy but I’m wondering why it hasn’t helped me

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