Last year I bought an Apple Watch. At some point I started wearing it during the night. After some time I noticed that my heart rate was over 100 for a whole hour during some nights. First I thought it was an anomaly, but then I found a correlation with being very tired the day after.

When looking deeper into it I realized that it’s likely that I have a mild form of sleep apnea.

(Note that I don’t snore, I’m fairly athletic and my BMI is good, so I wasn’t expecting this.)

Now, it’s very irregular. It seems I can go weeks without it. So going to a sleep study center for one night is unlikely to give any indicative results, right? I also figured that given that most of my nights are fine I don’t want to depend on a CPAP or go through an operation. (In fact my tonsils were already removed when I was a kid.)

I noticed that my Apple Watch can create a notification when my heart rate is over 100 bpm without activity. Unfortunately this simply doesn’t seem to work for me, also 100 is quite high already. My usual resting rate is between 42 and 48.

Instead I decided to build my own app to help me with this. Starting with the simplest possible idea: start vibrating and sounding an alarm when the heart rate goes over a threshold, between specified beginning and end times. With the assumption that thru vibration and possibly sound I’m moving into a better position to start breathing normally again.

For the past 2 weeks I’ve used the prototype, which seems to work for me. My heart rate hasn’t reached 100 bpm at night. Whenever my rate goes over the threshold it quickly goes down again, somewhat validating my assumption. I don’t wake up fully, so it’s hard to be really aware of how it works in practice.

Now I’m curious what you think of my story, and of this app. Do you think it makes sense?

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