43yo male. 5’9″, 195, bmi 29 or so, but pretty muscular and exercise 5x/week. About 8 months ago, I started having a lot of physical anxiety symptoms without really having any mental/emotional concerns, the symptoms just seemed to originate physically for no reason. The usual, palpitations, sweating, bp/hr spikes, etc. Another symptoms was waking up in the middle of the night feeling like I was about to die, my limbs would be numb/tingling, hr and breathing were fast, and I thought this was just another purely anxiety-related issue. Well I finally did the research and had a sleep study, I have an AHI of 13.4, OAI 9.9, CAI .7, lowest desat 87. 48 OSA, 3 CSA, 13 hypops over the course of 280 minutes. I’ve always had dry mouth problems and a receding gumline, which is now explained by the poor mouth breathing. Being single your entire life makes it easy to never know this stuff. Was snoring 95% of the sleep time. I find that when I go off a schedule of good eating, exercise, no stress, etc, the apnea pops right back up. The connection to stress is interesting. Would prefer to have a surgery or mouth device as opposed to a CPAP, but I will discuss with the sleep folks. Glad I haven’t died in my sleep yet.

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