Hey all. I’m a relatively new CPAP user. I got a machine in May but have been using it fairly regularly for the past month or so, with a day here and there where I just fall asleep so fast I forget it. I’ve noticed my mood has improved but I still feel tired sometimes. I’m not experiencing “life changing” sleep or anything but I’m not giving up. That being said, I’ve encountered some issues and I’m wondering if anyone can help me out with them.

  1. AHI on average is usually between 6-9 (which is a vast improvement from my 112 result in the sleep study!), with the lowest being 3.8 just a few nights ago. I’ve read the “goal” is less than 1? What is keeping my AHI so high? I use the machine for more than 4 hours every night, with the highest being 7.8 hours.

  2. ‎I have a Phillips Dreamstation and use the DreamMapper app. For the past few months it keeps saying my “data is outdated” and I follow the steps to correct it (turn off Bluetooth, restart device, unplug machine, even re-register it) but I still get that error. Does anyone know how to fix that?

  3. ‎Sometimes I wake up with a sore throat. Since it is easier to breathe, I go to sleep with my mouth closed but could it be opening during my sleep and that is why it is sometimes sore in the morning?

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