I was finally approved for cpap, insurance wanted almost $1000 for a resmed machine. Was cheaper to just buy outright so when I got my prescription I ordered from cpap.com. I’m in Houston, so are they, 45 minute drive from me. Their store front is closed due to covid so it shipped “free” via Fedex. Well it’s Fedex smartpost which I wasn’t told, over the phone, they just said Fedex so I assumed Fedex ground. It shipped on the 10th, it’s scheduled to arrive on the 21st.

I called back the other day saying wtf is going on? The rep told me that the free option is fedex smartpost so it takes longer because fedex hands off to usps and next time to request fedex ground. I asked what the cost difference was between smartpost and ground and she said it was still free. So yeah, if you order from cpap.com call in and ask for Fedex ground and refuse smartpost at all cost. Had the rep mentioned smartpost when I was ordered I would have paid $20 to ship it ground just because I know how terrible that service is. My first interaction with the company and I already have a bad taste in my mouth.

Again, I would have paid for upgraded shipping, but Fedex smartpost is not Fedex ground.

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