Hi Everyone!

I’ve just been diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea with an AHI of 26. I’m honestly suprised.

I am with Kaiser in Georgia and saw my PCP via video for an unrelated condition and just randomly he happened to ask if I snored. I told him my husband occasionally complained but it only seemed bad when I was suffering with allergies or a sinus infection. As a precaution he ordered a sleep study. I thought it was overkill. I was actually annoyed at having to pay the $45 copy for the study.

Because of Covid Kaiser here in Georgia is only doing home studies at the moment. Mine was the Nox T3 which consisted of 2 belts, a nasal cánula, and a Bluetooth wrist mount pulse oximeter. I felt like I didn’t sleep well with all the gear connected to me and half expected them to say I didn’t get a result at all. Instead they said I have moderate sleep apnea and my O2 drops to 80%. I was suprised.

They set me up with Apria Health for a Resmed 10. There’s no in person pickup because of COVID so Apria will FedEx it to me. It’s supposed to be auto titrating from 4-20.

I didn’t know much about masks but when I spoke to the RRT at Kaiser I explained I have constant nasal congestion so she ordered a dreamware full face. I’m told I can change it in the first month if I don’t like it. Other than the copay for the sleep study I have zero out of pocket cost for the machine or supplies.

Some of you have terrible stories about Apria so I’m hoping everything arrives as ordered.

In the meantime I’ve been trying to do a lot of research to convince myself to use it. I wake up every morning in what I’ve always thought was an allergy fog. I’m wondering now if it’s not an apnea fog instead. If the CPAP can fix that it’ll be with it even if I do think it’s totally unsexy haha.

Thanks for all of your posts I’m learning a lot.

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