The 5 things I’m almost certain are causing it are 1. Nasal airway(I’m wearing nasal strips almost 24/7 now) 2. Toung/jaw position 3. Neck 4. Pectus excavatum(badly caved in chest) 5. Severe stress I’m set up to get a cpap machine but considering nasal strips made such a big difference is there anything else I can do to help on top of the cpap machine? Because I also just noticed when I push my jaw out I breathe better too, so maybe something for that? . Honestly though I more so just wanted to vent because this shit just all feels like a sick joke to me, thankfully I found out at 19 and not 90 but just using nasal strips alone immediately changed how I feel and I’ve had very very severe anxiety for years. Also I’ve had (((adhd))) forever, and while I was researching adhd info, I found out a lot of kids lost all symptoms of adhd when they got their tonsils removed, just because they could breathe better. So a big part of that may be related to bad breathing as well. It wouldn’t surprise me either because ever since I started using nasal strips I’ve had no desire to use my adhd meds anymore because I can already think more clearly…anyways sorry for this absolutely mess of a post I just don’t even know what to think anymore.

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