My Lofta WatchPAT sleep study results just came in. Looks like I have an AHI of 6.1 (34 total) and an RDI of 15.4 (86 total). Lotfta recommends an APAP like the Phillips Dreamstation or Resmed Airsense 10.

For some context, I’m in my 20s and quite diligent about my health. In very solid cardio shape and at a good bodyweight. I’m pretty diligent about sleep hygiene, too. I sought the sleep test because I tend to be pretty damn exhausted no matter how much time I spend in bed. I’ve heard that people with mild cases don’t always respond well to CPAP therapy and am questioning whether the investment makes sense (would be entirely out of pocket). Also wondering if I’m dealing with UARS instead of OSA?

Would love to hear your thoughts and advice, especially any stories from people with similar, mild OSA diagnoses. Did you go the CPAP route? How has your therapy worked for you?

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