Update to my previous post. I’m so happy to start this therapy. I’m practicing breathing with it on right now. Very weird. Resmed airsense 10 autoset. I didn’t get a titration study due to covid. I also couldn’t get a mark fit/test. My mask (Phillips dreamwear nasal mask) seems to fit well.
I got my in lab sleep study December 06. My family dr told me my sleep study was normal and that I just have anxiety and tried to give me sleep meds. I was very upset because I knew I wasn’t breathing at night. I turned down the meds (don’t feel like dying in my sleep thank you very much). Then Jan 11 a doctor from the sleep clinic called and said that I do have sleep apnea. And he sent a prescription to a sleep apnea store. I went there today and found out the severity of my apnea (mostly hypopneas). I NEW IT! I literally can’t sleep and breathe at the same time.

I’m worried about using an APAP with moderate asthma. It is not supposed to be used to titrate for anyone with asthma. It can trigger a severe asthma attack. So, I’m desperate for sleep and will definitely be using this machine absolutely, but also very nervous about the possibility of a dangerous asthma attack. There’s really no option here. I use the machine and hope for the best. Sweet dreams, everyone.

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