Hi all, Just joined this sub this morning, as it’s officially official, I’ve got a pretty bad case of apnea I’ve been told.

I (39m) haven’t woken up from a night’s sleep feeling rested in probably 20 years, and have a family history of sleep apnea and obesity. I am overweight (290, 6 foot even, think former football player build, not “how does that guy get in an out of his car without a crane” by any means) chef, non-smoker, social drinker. For years, partners have complained about my snoring, and while it comes and goes in severity, I often wake up with general muscle fatigue round my chest, feeling like I haven’t taken full breaths for extended periods of time.

Two nights ago, I completed a home study, and my doctor called me today with the results, which she said were “quite severe”. I went to bed at 12:30 am, really settled down to sleep closer to 1, and the testing apparatus shut itself off at 8 am. I had 237 events of “non-breathing”, including a stretch of 67 seconds at one point. My oxygen levels in the blood got as low as 74% at one point.

Couple of questions:

  1. How severe are these numbers compared to yours? I’m not trying to win any awards here, but I’m wondering if I should be amazed I’m still able to function?
  2. I see a lot of you listing your AHI number? The doc called me this morning, literally waking me up, so it took me a second to comprehend that she was going over test results with me, and scribbled down what I could so I’m not sure if I missed my AHI number or if she didn’t give it to me, or if it’s something I can calculate on my own?
  3. She has written me a scrip for a cpap, and I’m wondering if y’all have suggestions for me on what type to go with… it should be noted I keep a pretty close cropped beard (usually <5mm).
  4. The doc mentioned something about insurance only covering me if I use the machine at least 4 hours a night for 70% of the nights? I remember my dad telling me that the first night he slept with a CPAP, he felt like $1 million the next day for the first time in decades. Do any of y’all really ever use this intermittently to the point of the percentage of usage time falling below 70% of the nights monthly?

Thanks for any insight you can provide, I’m excited to hopefully have some relief soon, and I look forward to connecting with the community here….

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