Some info about me: I’m 26 years old, 5″7 height and 187 pounds in weight.

So like the title says, the results was negative. But they were very vague and all they said was that they didn’t detect any “treatment necessary” breathing pauses without going into more details about how many breathing pauses I actually had and such. It also really didn’t help that I had to wear clothes for the home study with all the stuff on me, combined with how warm it is here right now I really struggled to sleep well. (I slept less than 5 hours) I was really hoping to get an in-lab study done, because from what I’ve read they have way more accurate results, especially for my age. But the otorhinolaryngologist (who gave me the at-home study) said that they don’t do in-lab at their hospital, they didn’t even have a sleep lab. When I told her my concerns that at-home studies aren’t as accurate as in-lab ones, she said she’s never heard of that, and insisted that if the at-home study is negative then sleep apnea or UARS isn’t the problem.

I just don’t believe that, my sleep quality is shit and has been for two years now, I wake up several times during the night, don’t feel rested when I wake up and a lot of times have shortness of breath when I wake up. I also don’t have dreams anymore, all of this screams sleep apnea or UARS to me.

What should I do? Talk to my GP and ask for another appointment at a different facility? Because this at-home study wasn’t even done by a sleep specialist but a freaking otorhinolaryngologist. I just don’t subscribe to the results I got here. What do you guys think?

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