I had a sleep study done and was told I had mild sleep apnea. The testing was uncomfortable at best and not a good experience.

I was told I had to come back for a night for a fitting. The mask wasn’t just snug or tight on my head, it hurt. I told the specialist this and they shrugged it off. I tried laying back and immediately started having a panic attack because everything was so tight around my head. (I have anxiety issues). I had to tear the mask off because I was hyperventilating.

I calmed down and the specialist clipped things back into place and let me lay down. I had a night that was equal to, if not worse than, any bad night of sleep I had without the machine. I didn’t feel rested, I had a headache, and my back hurt so bad that standing was painful.

The morning specialist, who was a different person, told me that they were supposed to have gone over how to clip the mask on and use the machine with me the night before. She gave me a short demonstration with the mask, but never showed me anything I had to do to even turn on the machine. Then she gave me the same mask to take home even though I told her it hurt to have it on.

I’m tired of people telling me how great this is and how much it will change my life. Nobody listens to me and nothing so far has shown me this will be any better than a normal night’s sleep. Even if I go through and get the machine, it’s likely to just sit by my bed collecting dust because I’ll be too afraid to use it without someone monitoring me.

I guess I’m just ranting. Has anyone else had a negative experience with CPAP? I don’t trust the people who act like it’s some miracle cure for all your health problems.

But, I’m off to take a long nap because I don’t feel at all rested after using that machine.

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