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Just had my first night with APAP — totally normal (not good) night of sleep. Something must be off. I’m not getting great guidance from any of my providers, so I’m coming to you guys for some additional perspective. – iDunmed

Long story short I’ve got mild apnea:

“Results of Sleep Testing which was indicative of an average AHI of 9.6 per hour with an SpO2 nadir of 83% and SpO2 of < 88% being 3.3 minutes.”

Not sure what this really means in terms of real world effects, but I do have some fatigue issues throughout the day (but I also have major depression) and apparently snore quite loudly.

I, frankly, wasted months advancing a dental appliance that didn’t do a single thing for my energy level. After looking into it, in many cases, they are simply not effective.

So thankfully I recently got an APAP machine. However I couldn’t use it the first night because they didn’t tell me that I would need to have distilled water. Went out and bought some today, however I have a nasal mask. First night using the machine, I did remark that when my mouth was open, of course the air escapes and there is no pressure applied.

After some more reading a understand that mouth breathing is common amongst those with sleep apnea; in fact it can be caused by sleep apnea. Not sure why they would start me on a nasal mask, then.

It really just seems that none of my providers treat any of my illnesses with the sense of urgency that I do. Like, I just want to get back to my life, you know.

Anyway, do you guys think I should try to get a full face mask? That seems to be what would make sense. Last night sleep was worse than average, quite discouraging.

Thanks in advance.

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