After eventually starting this journey back in 2019 with my primary care physician who initially drew blood to check for hormonal deficiencies as an explanation for my fatigue, then referred me to my allergy doctor who gave me some nasal sprays and put me back on allergy shots who then later referred me to a sleep specialist that had me complete an at-home sleep study which turned out negative, I finally had my in-lab last night and MSLT throughout today. Today has been over a year in the making.

Weeks prior to today I was told by the doctor’s staff that the MSLT scheduled after my baseline would only be necessary if nothing was found in my PSG. This morning during the changing of the technicians, the morning tech that was relieving the overnight tech who observed me sleep very quickly told me that nothing stood out in my baseline and we were going to do the MSLT, I’m kind of regretting not speaking up. I can say with near certainty that I don’t have narcolepsy which is what my doctor was really trying to hone in on. I don’t randomly fall asleep or lose muscle tone, I’m just continually tired throughout the day and to differing degrees on different days. I oversleep and have a really difficult time getting out of bed. Surprise surprise, I was able to fall asleep for 2 out of the 5 naps (which was actually more than I thought I would be able to) but stayed wide awake for the last 3 naps. My father has pretty bad sleep apnea and I exhibit many of the same behaviors that he does when he gets a bad night sleep due to his equipment being faulty, such as a leaky hose or mask. I suppose I was hoping I could get diagnosed with sleep apnea and be given a cpap so the tiredness and brain fog could end.

Aside from supposedly nothing wrong in my baseline which was a huge disappointment, I let myself get goaded into taking the MSLT which I’m fairly convinced was an expensive exercise in futility. I wish I would have just eaten the $200 cancellation charge and gone home after my baseline. Oh wells, I guess we’ll figure out more when my doctor reaches out to me about my results.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

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