• After years of insomnia I finally went for a lab sleep study back in 2017.
  • Report said my AHI was 7.3. Doctor determined I had mild sleep apnea, prescribed oral appliance or CPAP as treatment options.
  • In 2018 I had an at home sleep study while using oral appliance. Report said my AHI was now 3.9.
  • Doctor determined that apnea was under control with oral appliance but my other issue was RLS and prescribed Gabapentin.
  • Used oral appliance off and on with medication but experienced no perceived improvements in sleep and finally gave up.
  • Finally went and bought a Resmed Airsense 10 with F30 AirFit full face mask this week per doctor’s prescription.
  • I am getting used to wearing the mask but I am still waking up several times a night and feel worse in the morning than before I started.
  • My report says my mask isn’t leaking and my AHI is down to 1.6 but I feel so unrested and dumb.

I know it takes time and to keep at it but I’m wondering if there might be something else going on, like UARS. In going over the results of my previous sleep studies again I am noticing that I wasn’t really having apneas but lots of hypopnea.

I just haven’t felt confident in my doctor’s advice. Any suggestions, questions, or experience would be appreciated.

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