So lofta diagnosed me as having obstructive sleep apnea with a 20 AHI – although – I took the thing off at like 530 am. I now suspect it was probably a little higher.

Reason being – 6 months in on the cpap – my ahi gets down to about 5-7 all night then after 6 am it generally jumps to about 10.

Oscar Data was indicating probable centrals so I was able to get an appointment with a pulmonologist ( great doctor to review sleep data FYI ) who referred me to a sleep lab and I got a titration study in a lab.

The study was miserable, pressure was super high the whole time , 2 weeks later, the result that I was having “treatment emergent” central’s.

I guess this means I had obstructive sleep apnea but then the high pressures give me centrals. I’m not really totally convinced I wasn’t already having centrals. I do think that the high pressures are also giving me centrals as there is a correlation with when the pressure goes up really high.

Anyways – the docs prescription is a Bipap ST machine with a pressure of 20/16.

My question is what would happen if I just tightened up the range on current apap instead of doing all this with the bipap as it sounds like I’m forcing myself to have centrals to then treat them. Any harm in me just changing my apap settings to like 6/8 ? I may just try this in the meantime before I get the bipap.

Anyone in a similar boat ? This year has been hard as shit trying to keep up with my awesome life while tired af all the time and trying to get to the bottom of this. I know it will be worth it but I’m going on a year of trying to figure this out !!

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