When I was an adolescent (now 28), I had some fatigue problems. A sleep study was done, and it said I had borderline apnea (some incidents of apnea during the night, but I guess not enough to merit a certain diagnosis). They recommended another study when I was an adult. Both of my parents are diagnosed with sleep apnea and now sleep well with those Darth Vader-esque breathing machines.

My sleep has always been pretty poor, and I generally sleep about 10 hours a night without feeling refreshed. My girlfriend says I snore frequently and will appear to stop breathing and then do a rapid, gasping inhale, which definitely sounds like apnea to me.

I talked to my doctor (saw one recently after being without medical care for several years) and he recommended a sleep study. He said that first, someone will come to my residence and do a basic polysomnograph recording to see if a full sleep study is warranted. Sounds great, but i’m a little worried: my weight has fluctuated over the last year from about 210 to 230 (max BMI 27) and my level of fatigue has been positively correlated with my weight. I’m down 10 from 230, and my girlfriend says my snoring has improved. I’m afraid the first apnea test will catch me at a point where my weight is lower, and there will be only”borderline” apnea, but not enough to justify a full study to my insurance company. I am afraid that I will be told that I have enough apnea to mess up my sleep, but not enough to make the insurance company pay for another study and possibly a breathing machine.

What things, besides changes in your weight, acutely worsen your apnea? Like, say, for a night or two?

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