So last night was my first night with Resmed Airsense 10. Here is how my night went:

10pm-12:30am: Used Nasal pillow with chin strap but it was really uncomfortable. Took them off.

12:30-2pm: Used face mask but it was uncomfortable too.

2am-3am: Frustated, turned off CPAP and slept without it for an hour

3am-7:30am: Woke up at 3am for pee break and after that decided to give face mask one more chance and I put it on. Was unable to sleep for next 30-45mins with the face mask but then I finally fell asleep on my left side and woke up around 7:30am.

It surely will take some time to get used to the whole setup but when I woke up, I can really see the difference. My head isnt heavy and I dont feel tired at all. Should have done it earlier.

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