Was diagnosed with sleep apnea earlier this year after having complained for years that my sleep sucks. Probably since 2010 I have been having trouble going to sleep, waking up frequently and early, waking up tired, and according to my wife holding my breath. I think I was averaging 2-4 hours of sleep a night normally.

Previous docs all said that I am not showing symptoms of aleep apnea. All they had done in the past is supply me with a health supply of ambien, which solves the falling asleep in a decent time part. So last winter I go to a new doc who gets me a sleep study. Lo and behold I was averaging 50 events an hour.

Fast forward just uner a year and I have been on my CPAP for a few months, have tried a bunch of different maks and struggled with claustrophobia, waking up, dry mouth, random air leaks. But last night it all seemed to come together. A half an ambien and I was out in under half an hour. Next thing I realize it is just before 5am (just over 5 hours of sleep) and I can feel the air flowing in through my nose and down the back of my throat and I woke up feeling good.

Currently using an Air Sense 10, ResMed AirFit F30i

In the past I have used the F30, F20, N30 and P30i

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