Hi team. Another question. Will make it short as possible. After a year of trial and error, I have settled on a resmed 20 face mask, along with a soft cervical collar. I have an average AHI of below 5. I have minimal leakage. In short, everything is good. But I am getting regular disturbances. I have been talking with the nice people on apneaboard who have discovered via OSCAR readout that during my disturbances what is happening is – on exhalation i am leaking air somewhere, but not enough to be considered a major leak, but enough to disturb me. I’ll be buggered if If I can work out how I’m doing this with no major leakage picked up. Could it be…

  • mouth opening so wide that it’s breaking the seal ?
  • mask is too large? I am using a large size I do have a large but thinner face which could be an issue.
  • sleeping on my side which is causing the mask to move just enough to disturb me?
  • aliens?

Seriously tho. I feel like I’m so close, but so far. For the record I have tried nasal pillows, half face mask (covers mouth and underside of nose), chin strap, mouth tape, you name it. TIA

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