tl;dr sleep-deprived partner normally sleeps 10-15 hours a night. takes stimulants for adhd and drinks caffeine all day. My CPAP reflected 6.5 episodes an hour after 1.5 hours of them using the machine. Should my partner push for a sleep study?

So, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in September of 2019 and got my CPAP a month later. About 15 episodes an hour, 24 years old, otherwise fairly healthy. It was reflected in my energy levels, morning headaches, bloodwork, some snoring, and a history with edema. Super grateful for a doctor who caught it and was prompt in treating it.

Since then, I’ve become hyper aware of how chaotic my partner’s sleep habits are. We both struggle with depression so we used to brush off hypersomnia and insomnia as the result of that. My partner sleeps a LOT though. More than anyone I know! It doesn’t matter what time they go to bed or how regimented their wind down and wake up routines are – they’re exhausted and will gladly sleep 10-15 hours a day. They have ADHD and take a very high dose of Vyvanse as well – doesn’t wake them up at all.

They also snore. Like really loudly.

They’re not overweight, get a normal amount of exercise and eat a balanced diet. They live on caffeine but it hardly impacts the amount of sleep other than maybe keeping them up a bit later.

We were a bit curious and after they stayed up all night I offered for them to use my CPAP since I was getting up for the day. They did but only kept it on an hour and a half (as most of us do the first few times lol) I just checked my app and it says they had 6.5 episodes an hour. I usually have less than one an hour on this machine. It had a good seal and didn’t reflect any leaks. I only noticed they took it off when I could hear them begin snoring from the other room.

So, it wouldn’t be insane for them to ask for a sleep study as soon as things go back to normal right? Could anything we did have made it seem like they had episodes when they didn’t on the CPAP’s end? All the signs point to OSA imo but I don’t want to project onto her. I also recognize the possibility of other sleep disorders. Just wanted some other input!

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