I’ve been diagnosed with a mild apnea (15 ahi) in February. The problem was my blood oxygen was falling to 75%. My doctor old me I was close of an heart attack. I’m 34, 2 kids, a girlfriend. I wouldn’t lose that fight. No way! I started my treatment in march and now after 7 weeks, I can clearly see the change in my life. No more groggy, pissed for little things and always exhausted.

I have energy to have a full day, and afternoon nap are over. I have so much energy that I decided to start running since 2 weeks. I already lost 6 pounds since. My sexual appetite sky rocketed and I finally found the pleasure to laugh, no more depression symptoms.

It’s so soon in my treatment to realize all the benefits, but I want to see where it”s going.

It’s a game changer, a life changer.

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