I just received my Lofta results and will be calling a sleep coach tomorrow. I wanted to post my results and see if any redditors could provide any insight prior to my call, anything to look out for, or any specific questions to ask.

Test Results:

OSA: Mild based on pAHIo=10.5 and O2 nadir of 82%

CSA: Mild based on pAHIc=9.7

Total True Sleep Time: 5h 36m

RDI: 26.6 events/hr & 149 events during sleep

AHI: 20.1 events/hr & 113 events during sleep

ODI: min: 82|avg: 96|max: 100

number of events (oxygen desaturation): 4-9%: 54 | 10-20%: 12 | 20%: 0

<90%: 2.3 min | <88% 1.4 min | <85% 0.4 min

Sleep Pulse: min: 51 BPM | avg: 63bpm | max: 109bpm

Snoring Level (decibels): >40: 29.7 min (8.8% sleep) | >50: 10.7 min (3.2%) | >60: 5.2 min (1.5%)

Sleep Position: back: 95.5 min | stomach: 9.0 min | right: 59.5 min | left: 173.5 min

Sleep Stage: light sleep (N1 & N2): 60.44% | deep sleep (N3): 17.78% | REM: 21.78%

Additional Notes: They recommended an AirSense 10 Auto CPAP, is this significantly better or different from the Philips Dreamstation?

Also, just for reference and my own curiosity, I have a BMI of 27.42 at the moment and I’m trying to get into a more strict diet and exercise routine, it’s just been difficult due to lack of sleep and anxiety from not sleeping well. Is it possible for my apneas to get better with weight loss?

Thank you for all of your help!

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