I recently went through this company to get my prescription and just wanted to post my experience in case others are wondering as well. I found some decent reviews online but not enough to feel comfortable so I wanted to post my own to maybe help others in a similar situation to me.

Overall the experience was a 8/10. The main issue I had with them is I needed an in person (zoom call) diagnosis and they never informed me of this. I had to reach out to them to get that information. They quickly got me the in person meeting and I was able to get the sleep test after that. So at least the issue was resolved within 1 hour of me contacting them.

They went over the results with me the day after I submitted my report and I got my prescription that day. I had to ask for the prescription which was quickly sent to me but I didn’t like having to ask for it. It should have been auto sent to with the sleep report I received.

They claim that they match + 10% extra off but compared to the deal at CPAP.com it was only $7 cheaper. Still cheaper so I went with them.

I mainly used this company to get access to a CPAP machine because I already knew I have sleep apnea. If I was trying to find out whether or not I had sleep apnea I would most likely have used another company. There was another at home sleep test by a guy in Cali that seems way more comprehensive compared to the one I took. It was more expensive but I would have used that if I wasn’t certain I had sleep apnea.

I will add that their support is very good and quick to respond through email and chat. I always appreciate a company that has quick supportresponse times. I would have given them a 7/10 but the support was so quick and easy with so many options that I gave them an 8.

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