I had my first night of CPAP treatment last night (AirSense 10 with P30i mask) and feel like it was pretty successful – I made it 4.5 hours with the mask on and feel decently well rested (about the level of a “good” night pre-treatment, which is still not great) so I’m feeling optimistic about it over all. I wanted to get feedback on a few things.

– I woke up breathing through my mouth a few times and that’s ultimately what made me take it off for the night. The chin strap is really unappealing to me, so I was wondering what the consensus is on somniflex, or other mouth taping recommendations, for those who have tried it?

– When I woke up mouth breathing, I found I struggled to exhale through my nose so I would turn the ramp back on and got back to sleep fairly quickly. I’m wondering if that might suggest my upper pressure level is too high? Or if that’s just something to stick with a little longer to see how I adjust to it? I’m also thinking about ordering an N30i to try out to see if that feels any better for me.

– Over all I was comfortable in the P30i, but by the time I took it of I found that it had been pressing pretty hard into my septum and the area was a bit sore from that. This morning, I experimented with the larger pillow size, and I think with those I should be able to get a good seal while not keeping the frame quite as tight, so I’m hoping that will fix it tonight. Do any others have experience with the feeling like the P30i was pressing too hard from underneath the nose/is it something you were able to adjust to?


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