On Monday, I am doing a take-home sleep test for sleep apnea. I already know I have sleep apnea, I was tested a few years ago but under a different insurance company. So I guess I have to redo it? I was too scared last time after I took home the practice CPAP to continue with therapy. I get claustrophobic when objects get too close to my nose and mouth. It really freaked me out, so I never wanted to get a CPAP of my own.

It took a few times of almost falling asleep at the wheel to finally look into getting help again. To know I’ve probably never experienced a good night’s sleep is astonishing to me, and I can’t wait to start this journey and see what kinds of new energy it will give me!

Does anyone have any advice about how to get used to the CPAP and tips for newbies in general? I know it won’t help overnight, but I am willing to use it for however long it takes to get used to it. Are the large face masks the only option for me if I do sleep with my mouth open? How will it be affected if I suffer from allergies all year round and have a near constant stuffy nose?

Any tips would be helpful!

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