To apply:

  1. Post a comment below. Include a brief summary on why you’d like to be a mod and what improvements you think you can bring to this community.
  2. If you work for a sleep clinic or other sleep apnea related business you might not be selected, but still feel free to apply.
  3. You must be an upstanding member of Reddit. I will review your comment and post history for other subreddits.
  4. Your Reddit account must be older than 12 months and you must have at least have some activity in this subreddit.

Comments about applicants are welcome. If you feel someone would fill the role well please say so! If you think they wouldn’t I’d like to know that as well, but please be polite about it.

Please note: there is no guarantee that I will pick someone. If I don’t think there are any good candidates I’ll just try again some other time. I’ll wait a couple of weeks for people to apply then start the decision making process.

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