So I’ve got a referral for a sleep study from my GP.

Back in late December, I fell asleep after taking Tylenol PM and I jolted myself awake along with having a panic attack because I thought I wasn’t breathing. I went into the ER and they diagnosed me with GAD. They gave me an albuterol inhaler because I had asthma when I was younger but never refilled it because I haven’t needed it for about 7 years now. After two other urgent care visits, I received Lexapro and hydroxyzine. I’m not even going to go into what all these meds did to me.

I mainly panicked because I thought I wasn’t breathing. Ever since, when I fall asleep, I wake myself up with this really loud sniff. It’s the only way I can describe it. Before that, I had woken up a ton to go to the bathroom. I’d say I would remember waking up about four times a night. Last night, I could feel myself waking up way more but going back to sleep. It’s like I’m hyperaware of it even though I was having sleeping issues before.

I need to just vent and say that my depression and anxiety have gotten progressively worse since all of these things. I am having derealization episodes in the morning that are horrible and sometimes it feels like I’m still slightly asleep. The rest of the day is spent having panic attacks, continuously needing to fall asleep, sore throat, brain fog to where I can barely complete tasks, and a soul-sucking joyless feeling that I can’t get rid of. Every day is getting more difficult for me and I just want to feel like me again. I weigh 123 pounds and I don’t snore so I don’t fit the very typical aspects of sleep apnea but I know a lot of people still have it regardless of their weight and snoring. Should also state that I have a bent nose bridge from a broken nose incident when I was a kid and I think my septum deviates badly.

I’m just wondering if anyone has felt the same way prior to your diagnosis? Or is there a good chance that what I’m describing is sleep apnea? I just hate feeling this awful and knowing every morning is the same.

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