So I tested positive for mild sleep apnea back in august 2020. I’ve dealt with derealisation, brain fog, anxiety and depression for the past 10 years. I’m currently 29 years old , 145 pounds and overall physically healthy and in shape. But my mental health is declining. I’ve tried the CPAP a handful of times but it really feels impossible to tolerate. I wake up feeling like I’m suffocating so I gave up. If I sleep in the perfect position , Some nights I wake up and feel rested and think “maybe I don’t have sleep apnea?” . Then , right when I think things Are getting better I wake up feeling out of breathe accompanied by racing thoughts and completely defeated. It’s a viscous cycle. My sleep doctor said my jaw is slightly recessed and maybe I could benefit from MAD device that moves my jaw forward when I sleep. It helps a bit but it’s ruining my TMJ and hurting my jaw. I also had surgery on my deviated septum which definitely helped but hasn’t completely solved my problem. My jaw is definitely small and I’m beginning to believe I have UARS.

I recently had a consultation with an ENT surgeon who told me my apnea numbers aren’t severe enough for me to even consider surgery.

Do I keep at it with the CPAP therapy ? Would a different PAP machine benefit me? Different mask?

I’m lost guys. I can’t even think straight right now sorry if my words are jumbled

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