I’m 28F, 190lbs, been using my Philips Respironics Dreamstation for about two years, with a nasal pillow mask. I’ve gotten used to it just fine and I sleep okay. Moderate apnea, reduced my AHIs of around 15 down to 1.5-4. Not bad! Recently, though, I’ve noticed that my energy is low again. I’ve started running really low during the day, sometimes to the point of needing naps.

I’m not the best at maintaining my machine–I clean and replace filters maybe half as often as I should. Could this be contributing to the loss of effectiveness? I also downgraded from a heated tube to a regular one (thanks, insurance company–long story). I’d go buy one out of pocket if it would give me a boost in use again.

Any advice? Are there other accessories I should look into? Thanks!

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