Hi all,

I’ve had two sleep studies done. One three years ago, and one about a month ago. The first showed my sleep is fine, with heavy snoring and no osas signs. The second was 80% oxygen deprivation and 51 total events. Ahi was 14/hr

Almost all are happening while I lay on my back. Both results showed only 6.3% and 2.3% rem sleep however.

Is this due the osas that is happening? I have a appointment with the ent doctor in 10 days to discuss options. Had a mra before, but that did not really help.

From what I have read it’s normal to have 20-25% of total rem sleep. I can upload my results if it’s helpful. I have been thinking that it’s vicious circle that makes me more tired. Some days I don’t feel that tired tbh. Anyone with the same experience?

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