I have been suffering from poor sleep for months. My entire life, I’ve tended to have deep, restful sleep. That changed this year. My husband reports that I started snoring loudly and stopping my breathing multiple times per night. He has sleep apnea and uses a CPAP. I waited months to get my sleep study and finally did it last week. My quality of life has plummeted and I have little time or energy for anything because I’m so tired and foggy. For context: I used to be a dancer and trained for multiple hours five days a week. Now I can barely walk up stairs. I’ve had all sorts of labs done and everything is normal.

So of course I am distressed to see my sleep study results come back normal. I did an at-home study with ResMed and I recall waking up multiple times gasping for air. My study reports that I had 6 obstructive apneas and 9 hypopneas. My AHI is 2.1 per hour. They said all this was considered “normal” and that I can have another study done if I wish.

I’m feeling really disappointed because I was so eager to start treatment and get my life back. I looked it up and I see that a low number of apneas is considered “normal,” but I feel like something is seriously wrong. I’m so foggy right now and am just wondering if anyone had any insights. Right now I can’t bear the thought of continuing to suffer.

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