I am not looking for a diagnosis or medical advice.

I am just wanting to hear from some of you who have been dealing with sleep apnea for a long time if you know of anything (besides the obvious, like being overweight, drinking alcohol, etc) that could make sleep apnea worse? I was recently diagnosed with “mild” sleep apnea. The reason for this post is that I find that some nights, my sleep apnea seems to be worse than others, but I don’t drink alcohol hardly ever & I’m not overweight. Are there other things that can make sleep apnea worse? Changing sleeping pattern/schedule, caffeine before bed, etc. for example? I find it odd that sometimes I wake up feeling actually decent & can get through the day just fine, and then others I feel like a zombie, am tired constantly, and also need Red Bull to even function. (These excessively sleepy days are usually preceded by early, early morning, abrupt awakenings where I notice I’m out of breath and lay there for a few moments trying to get my breathing restarted or back to where it should be. Then falling back to sleep becomes pretty difficult and by the time it’s actually get out of bed time, I feel like poop. 🙂

Given the seemingly fluctuating quality of my sleep, it seems that my sleep apnea gets worse some nights than others. Any ideas would be super helpful. I can’t think of anything I’ve done recently that would have set it off, and I had been going on several days where waking up actually didn’t feel terrible. Thanks for any ideas!

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