I have ResMed AirFit N20 medium mask. I’m a new CPAP user, this is my 3rd month. Frankly I’m not liking the experience and I’ve read it’s usual to have tough time to get adjusted. I’m prepared for it and I agree I’m sleeping a little better than before. But my patience is running out. I’ve been facing too many problems from the beginning

  • dry mouth which I think it went away when I increased the humidity and heated tube setting
  • but then mask rainout and splashing started happening. I keep waking up all through the night to wipe my mask.
  • my mask falling into my nostrils and blocking the air flow into my nose. This is really bothering my sleep, I’ve had to readjust my mask by pulling it down almost every hour all through the night. I thought mask was loose and tightened, it didn’t help but left my nose hurting because the mask was too tight.

I’m trying to make a homemade fleece covering for my hose. There is small non heated hose coming out from my mask, would that be the cause for rainout?

And my sleep lab said they would interchange my medium mask with small to try if it works. I’m going to see if it works.

Please help me how can I resolve these issues. They really are affecting my quality of sleep.

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