I have a ResMed Airsense 10 APAP and last night it was doing the thing where it blows way too much air at me to the point where it puffs my cheeks out and isn’t aligned with my breathing so it’s hard to breathe (I have a full face mask). It was also super loud, even with earplugs in I felt like I was sleeping next to a waterfall. I ran a mask fit test just to see and it said it was poor- I’ve had this issue in the past when my mask was wearing out and I replaced it, no problem. But this time my mask is fitting fine and even when the machine was blowing so hard I couldn’t feel any air leak anywhere. I felt along all the connections and along the tube and didn’t feel any air leak anywhere else either (I was thinking maybe my cat somehow chewed a hole in the tube again even though I put a protector on it, but no.) And this issue suddenly developed between last night and the night before without me changing anything else. I know this might not be enough info to go off of but does anyone have any ideas for what else to check?! I think I have a replacement tube and I’m going to switch to that tonight and see if that somehow resolves the issue? Sorry if this is not informative enough but I feel like I don’t know how the machine works well enough to know what else to try!

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