I have a Dreamstation Auto. With the dreamstation, the humidifier is entirely detachable. I take it off in the summer because it’s very humid anyway.

I have multiple masks. Last year when I removed the humidifier the mask I was using was a Dreamwear Wisp. I didn’t particularly notice anything.

This year I’m using a Dreamwear Nasal Cushion. I took the humidifier off yesterday. (Summer started late here this year.) It had had no water in it for a couple days so I figured it was just taking up space. Strangely, as soon as I did, I’m noticing a lot more noise from the mask. Not from the machine, from the mask. Specifically a lot more air noise from my nose area. (not from the top of my head where the hose connects or the sides of my face where the air comes down from the hose.) It still feels like it fits correctly, there doesn’t feel like there’s any extra leakage, and the machine still says I have 100% fit. My base pressure (8.5) and 90% pressure (9.5) remain unchanged from the previous few days. The pressure doesn’t actually feel any different. It’s just a lot noisier.

Any ideas why this is? It’s not hurting anything, I can still sleep, I’m waking up after a normal time feeling fine, it’s just strange.

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