Dear sleep apnea community,

I am in between masks and looking for recommendations.

Lately, I haven’t been using my machine (because I’m unhappy with the mask situation) and that, combined with the current … atmosphere .. has caused more sleep disturbances than usual.

So far, I’ve tried a full face mask as well as nasal pillows:

Full face mask: So far I have tried Fisher & Paykel Cushion for Simplus Full Face CPAP Mask


  • It gives me a nice relaxing feeling, I put it on and I feel like I’m settled in for the night
  • I think it really improves the quality of my sleep


  • It causes my nose to break out in blackheads / acne. I know it’s vain but I’m already sensitive about my big nose due to my adolescent years and the blackheads do not help the situation
  • Every morning, it is covered in mucous so it requires that I wash it every day

Nasal pillows:


  • It doesn’t cause my face to break out


  • Even with the chin strap, I feel like I am suffocating and not getting enough airflow.

Note: I have a big face and an especially big nose.

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